Newsletter April 2014

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In most cities, the tops of the hills are the most sought-after property. But in Bogota, the mountain tops tend to be high-crime slums. We have been working in a school in this dangerous neighbourhood. Teachers seldom last more than two years here. They get threatened by the students and robbed by the residents. For safety, the teachers gather lower down in the city and are bussed in together. This school, although still in Bogota, is a three hour trip from my home, so we head out at 5:00 a.m.
Our first day there, the teachers asked us many questions. When they saw our sincerity, the teachers apologized for their rough language. For our second day, we took the bus up the mountain to school with the teachers. When we got on to return at the end of the day, however, one of the teachers told us to get off, as it was a bus just for teachers. Another teacher explained we were teaching religion and so could be on the bus. But the first persisted. To avoid any problems, Victor and I got off the bus.

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Posted on: April 25 2014, by : Rev. Stan Crookall

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