Newsletter December 2015

Bible Art Ministries
December 2015
Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas
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Children are looking forward to the end of school and our summer break in December and January. So we have been working really hard to get the Mailbox Club Bible lessons completed before their holidays.
This year we had 3,871 students register for Mailbox Club Bible lessons, 3,240 completed the lessons and graduated. That’s an 83% success rate, which is quite high for correspondence courses. Plus 248 finished off courses from last year. We like to get the whole class to sign up, or almost all of them. We follow up by Julio going to the schools to hand back marked lessons and give out the new ones. At many schools, they make an event out of the Mailbox Club graduations. We bring in cookies and cold drinks. At some, they have an assembly. At others, we give the certificates out in the classroom. We have to travel a lot to deliver the lessons to the 31 schools involved and pick up the completed lessons, which we mark (thanks to our loyal volunteers), and then return. When we started the Mailbox Club lessons in 1998, I (German) used to do the deliveries on bicycle using a backpack. In August 2000 Julio took over that job. For the past several years, we have more schools involved and take buses to get there.


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Posted on: December 9 2015, by : Rev. Stan Crookall

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