Newsletter February 2017

Bible Art Ministries
February 2017
P.O. Box 4460, Stn E, Ottawa, ON, Canada, K1S 5B4, Tel: 1(613)565-7117
Plans for 2017
Our first priority is ministering in schools. We have 30 schools where we regularly do presentations and Mailbox Club lessons. We have another 20 schools where we do presentations but are not allowed to use Mailbox Club lessons. We hope to add five or six new schools for presentations and the Mailbox Club.
Our biggest challenges are getting permission from the Principals to minister in their schools, and getting a timely, adequate supply of Mailbox Club material. Please pray with us as we try to meet those two needs.
The difficulty with getting permissions is that (1) the Principal is often busy and doesn’t have time to see us, (2) that because of a certain number of hours of instruction the students must have, they don’t have any time for Bible lessons, (3) the pressure from some staff and parents for the children not to hear the Word, and (4) the self-imposed desire for “political correctness.”
Our next priority is to hire a fourth worker (to go along with Julio, Elizabeth, and myself, German, to replace Victor who has been gone for two years now). We are most grateful that donations have increased and we are able to hire another worker.
If we are able to hire another person, we plan to increase the number of students we support with the Mailbox Club to 6,200 from our current 4,000.

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Posted on: February 9 2017, by : Rev. Stan Crookall

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