Newsletter MARCH 2014

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At a new school I made a presentation to students gathered in the cafeteria. For most of them, the good news of the Gospel was news – they had never heard it before. We showed them the paintings of Adam and Eve, and the crucifixion; we told them the story of God’s forgiveness, and called them to repentance and to invite Jesus into their hearts. Many did.
I am blessed to be chosen by God to do this wonderful job. I remember years ago having the same joy. This job is a joy. The prayers and support of each Bible Art Ministry supporter helps make possible the beautiful plan of God. The Lord loves a happy giver. And prayers help us get into schools to provide a witness.
We were visiting again the “humble school” named “Nueva Vida” – New Life — which has a tin roof, cement block walls, and the floors are old carpet on dirt. They have cold running water from a hose, some of the time. Yet their students and teachers are engaged and committed. I brought them crayons and other Crayola art supplies that had been donated in Canada. When I saw the faces of the children, their smiles, and the happiness in their eyes, I knew their joy was genuine. These children are very grateful for the support from Canadians and Americans that brings them the Gospel and some badly needed supplies.

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Posted on: March 1 2014, by : Rev. Stan Crookall

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