Newsletter May 2015

Bible Art Ministries
May 2015
P.O. Box 4460, Stn E, Ottawa, ON, Canada, K1S 5B4, Tel: 1(613)565-7117
We give thanks to the Lord for your prayers and your help with the ministry. We are contributors to God’s work, to hich he has called us. Signs. We went to change the Bible verse sign in car repair shop. The two mechanics were standing in the door, looking sad and discouraged.
They said it had been a “slow” month, business was bad. So after we had changed the sign we gathered the group and rayed with them. Some people do not know how to pray. One of the men thought the only way to pray was to recite a prayer of the Catholic Church, he didn’t know about individual prayer.

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Posted on: October 16 2015, by : Rev. Stan Crookall

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