Newsletter October 2015

Bible Art Ministries
August 2015
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Thanks to your support, we are contributing to the raising of a new generation of the future church in Colombia. We send our best wishes and prayers to each of you and your families. May God continue to bless you.
We make our way around Bogota by bus. There is a central rapid-transit system called “The Transmillenium” and routes that radiate out from it to the rest of the city. Previously, you had to go to a Transmillenium stop, but could flag down the other buses anywhere. All the buses now follow fixed routes and stop only at designated stops. Some people are having trouble adjusting.
Bogota is a big, sprawling city. Last week, I was working in schools where I took one or two hours by bus, then 20 minutes walking, to get to the schools. This included two schools new to our presentations. Class size is 45.

Posted on: November 10 2015, by : Rev. Stan Crookall

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