Newsletter September 2014

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Mailbox Club.
“I am glad because I am putting a grain of sand for the Lord, and I plan to continue here as long as God permits me to” said Aura de Acevedo. Aura has been a volunteer marking Mailbox Club Bible correspondence lessons since 1999. She has been steadfast and faithful all that time. She works quietly and steadily. But underneath, you can see the grandmotherly charm and sense of humour.
At age 71 (this month), married 56 years, a Christian the last 35 years, she has a strong witness. Six of her eight children are Christians, as are all 12 grandchildren and all eight great-grandchildren. Quite a testimony.
Several months ago Aura was quite ill. We asked you to pray for her, and many of you did. Thank you. She is now much improved and very much appreciates your support.
We appreciate and celebrate her contribution. We pray that she will have many more years with us. And we pray for new volunteers from the younger generations to help with this very important aspect of our mission.

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Posted on: September 1 2014, by : Rev. Stan Crookall

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